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Why this newsletter?

We believe xNTPs possess a set of unique and powerful mental capabilities that make them uniquely suited to understand and solve some of today's greatest problems.

The seat of these capabilities lies in the mental faculties often referred to as:

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Introverted Thinking

Extroverted Intuition

Combined, they form what we call

The Promethean Propensity

Our goal is to understand, support and supercharge this way of thinking for as many people as we can, with the hope that someday, one of the Promethean Thinkers we help can change the world with their ideas.

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You're a reserved, hyper-conceptual logician with a talent for systematically organizing abstract concepts.

If one of these describes you, you're probably a Promethean Thinker

You're a highly imaginative and gregarious theorist with a clever wit and penchant for unorthodox thinking.

Does one of these sound like you?

You are the absentminded professor type, constantly pondering abstract thoughts while actively shirking sensory minutiae, day-to-day trifles and vacuous socialization.

You constantly come up with band names, album titles, movie plots, book ideas, concepts for television shows, etc. not because you necessarily want to create them all but because you have a talent for it.

You often find yourself studying random things on Wikipedia at 3 a.m. because you enjoy the process of coming to understand.
You enjoy examining social systems. Your love of “social experiments” and exceeding talent for dad jokes give you a natural sixth sense for trolling in any environment.

Have you made any progress on your unifying theory of everything?

You use your powers of discernment, logical prowess, and propensity towards taxonomical thinking to create systematic explanations and hyper precise classifications for everything, no matter how obscure, e.g., detailed theories of the fundamental elements of a good video game or nuanced categorizations of the different kinds of anime protagonists.
You have 50+ tabs open right now and, wait, did you remember to bookmark that black hole explainer video you were watching earlier?

Your strong logical bent and divergent creativity lead you to say things like “what if,” “imagine,” “unless,” and “well, actually” more often than others.

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